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Nadjejda Gilbert, visual artist

Yes, that's my real name

I would love to tell a great story about my great-grandparents, immigrants to Quebec, fleeing Russia at war...well, no. I have a Russian first name, but my connection with this country ends there.


I just had original parents.

Choose an artist name?

With a name like that, no need to rack your brains to find a different name. The choice therefore imposed itself: my first name would be my artist name.


Yes, I like it simple.

Where does my interest in the arts come from?

My interest in the Visual Arts is not new. Already very young, I drew on the walls of my parents' house (did I tell you they were originals?).

When I started showing myself in 2016, it was already  a long time that I practiced in my workshop. My life has always revolved around the visual arts. Whether it's painting, drawing, illustration or graphic design, I like to explore different avenues.

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My creative process

In addition to being fascinated by human nature, I am also a lover of texts, words, expressions, in short, everything that is written. My career as a graphic designer is perhaps not foreign to this interest.


I look for texts and words on themes that inspire me and I integrate them into my paintings. I paint and glue paper alternately on my canvases. Even if it remains quite intuitive, I build concepts around ideas and subjects that are close to my heart.

Want to know more about my creative process? I invite you to read my artistic approach

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