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​Portrait de Léopold Beaulieu

Portrait of Leopold Beaulieu | 2017


This portrait was commissioned by Mr. Pierre Cassivi (Journal des Parcs Industriels de Québec) to highlight the involvement and partnership of Mr. Léopold Beaulieu (Fondaction CSN) in various projects. The work was presented to him at the 2017 Québec Job Creators Awards Gala.Photo credit of the presentation: Gilles Fréchette

Portrait de Johanne Devin

Portrait of Johanne Devin | 2017


This work was offered to her by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Quebec to highlight her involvement as President of the Board of Directors from 2015 to 2017. It was presented to her during the Chamber's Annual General Meeting in September 2017.

Photo credit of the discount: Gilles Fréchette

​Portrait de Alain Aubut

Portrait of Alain Aubut | 2017


Offered by Pierre Cassivi (Journal des Parcs Industriels de Québec), this portrait aims to underline the involvement of Mr. Alain Aubut (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Québec) within the Corporation des Parcs Industriels de Québec. It was during the annual Industrial Parks golf tournament that the work was presented to him.

Portrait d'un enfant

Portrait of a child | 2017


This project was commissioned from me by a man who wanted to have his portrait when he was young. The texts chosen for the collage were taken from a book that marked him a lot throughout his life.

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