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Artistic approach

Human nature shapes my inspiration. For me, it is an inexhaustible source of creation. I explore, question and observe, through my paintings, the contemporary society in which we live.

I handle both acrylic paint and the collage technique to create my works. I build texts on subjects that inspire me and integrate them into my painting. I thus obtain a work with two levels of reading. From afar,  the characters are clearly noticeable. The closer you get to it, the more you guess the texts and the words in agreement with the subject like tattoos that we chiselled on the skin. These two levels of reading refer to the idea of a being that one gets to know little by little.

I particularly like the raw and unadorned side obtained by mixing paint and torn paper which adds texture to the painting. For me, authenticity is paramount. No concealment, no pretense: human nature exposed!

What does it give? See the result in the page of  works .

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