With more than 15 years of experience, I have all the qualities required to support you in your entrepreneurial adventure.

Here are some examples :

XL Workshops  | 2018


XL Workshops  is a motorhome and RV repair company. For the return of the beautiful season, I had the challenge of redoing their brochure. The idea was simple: make RV owners dream by offering them the company's services. A clientele increasingly made up of young professionals fleeing the city with their children for a trip rich in memories and discoveries.

Dépliant promotionnel | Alain Aubut
Carte de visite | Alain Aubut

Alain Aubut, innovation strategist | 2017


In this mandate, I had to conceptualize its service offer. Mr. Aubut offers a support service for growing businesses. Accompany entrepreneurs in their growth as a guide would do to reach the top of the mountains. Hence the idea of the image of the mountain. I produced the images and the editing for a promotional brochure, a business card, a PowerPoint and a website.

Site Internet | Alain Aubut
Carte d'affaires | Sylvain Pelletier

Sylvain Pelletier, kitchen designer | 2017


In this project, I developed the concept of the image and produced Mr. Pelletier's business card.

Other strings to my bow:

Gilles Fréchette, photographer


For several years, I have accompanied Mr. Fréchette, an image ace, in the correction of professional photos. I invite you to visit his website to get an idea of the extent of his professionalism and his service offer.

Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Of course, I cannot ignore my involvement in the Chamber. I've been working there since 2003 as a graphic designer. On the website you will find my work. All images, montages and visual concept, with a few rare exceptions, are the fruit of my labor.