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My career

Painter in contemporary figurative art, I am a native of Quebec, Canada. I live in Beauce near Quebec City.


Graphic designer by profession for more than 17 years, I draw and paint since my childhood. Since 2016, I have devoted myself more to my artistic career and thus reconnect with my passion for art.

Unveiled in 2016

As of 2016, I do several exhibitions and symposiums. I am the guest artist of the Galerie uNo in the Quartier des Arts in Quebec and the Galerie Alfred-Pellan in Quebec. I am participating in the Plaines Couleurs symposium on the Plains of Abraham in the city of
Québec as well as at the DécouvrArts Festival in Vieux-Cap-Rouge. It was following these art symposia that I obtained several commissions for portraits of business people in the region. I also participate in the Convention des arts de Lévis.

Galleries, contests and recognition awards

In 2018-2019, I won a competition that gave me the opportunity to exhibit a painting in Shanghai, China at the UConcept Gallery. During this same period, I was a finalist for the Soirée DécouvART of the Proaction International Foundation in Montreal. It was during this evening that I won the “People's favourite” prize.

In 2019 I become a permanent artist at the Urbania Art Gallery. I participate in nomadic exhibitions as part of the Works that Give Wings, for the benefit of the Maison Dauphine Foundation. With the artists of the gallery, I exhibit, among others, at the Palais Montcalm, at the Parliament of Quebec and in the offices of IG Patrimoine.

In the spring of 2020, I participated in the Chaudière-Appalaches in works – Third time competition and thus became a finalist for the MRC de la Nouvelle-Beauce. My painting is exhibited at the Marius-Barbeau Museum from September to October.

In September 2020, I participate in the Danville Arts Symposium in collaboration with the Perkins Gallery. During the symposium, I won the “Prix Coup de coeur des galeristes” and the “2nd prize of the Jury”. Since then, several of my works have been exhibited at the Perkins Gallery in Danville.

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